• Who is the course for?

    The Control the Dose COMPREHENSIVE COURSE provides a complete digital delivery of expanded resources for those who will operate x-ray equipment in states that require passing a state exam. The Control the Dose BASIC COURSE provides a complete digital delivery of resources for those who need to operate x-ray equipment in a limited capacity in a state that does NOT require a state exam. The typical student in either case has other allied health education or experience and is seeking to become a Limited Radiographer at the request of their employer.

  • What is covered in the BASIC course?

    The BASIC COURSE provides instruction in the limited use of ionizing radiation for diagnosis in medical and chiropractic offices, clinics, and smaller or rural hospitals. The procedures covered include chest, distal extremities (hand through elbow and foot through knees).

  • What is covered in the COMPREHENSIVE course?

    The Comprehensive Course provides expanded coverage of the BASIC content and includes all extremities and spine. Skull and sinus content is available as an option.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    The purchase of a Control the Dose Limited Radiography Course permits ONE student to have an account and instructor support. For group discounts contact us @ 800-687-1897

  • Test Prep/Mock Exam Questions

    No question in this Test Prep System is known to appear on the licensing exam exactly as it appears in our System. And there may be questions on the licensing exam that seem unfamiliar, but our original questions cover test eligible material as specified by the ARRT.

  • Do I qualify to take this course?

    The BASIC COURSE and the COMPREHENSIVE COURSE provides specific instruction in the use of x-rays in performing images as described above. We assume the student is licensed, certified, and/or experienced in health care and understands the basics of providing patient care. If this doesn’t describe your background, then your employer/supervisor will need to agree to provide that knowledge and those skills.

  • Who can be my supervisor?

    The qualifications for the supervisor vary by state. Typically, the supervisor is a fully certified radiographer, R.T., a physician or chiropractor. Some states permit a physician assistant or a licensed limited radiographer to supervise as well.

  • Will I be considered proficient after taking this course and passing the exam?

    The BASIC COURSE provides fundamental content and the clinical requirement encourages you to practice the principles. Proficiency increases with experience. The COMPREHENSIVE COURSE leads the student towards passing a state exam. These tests are designed to measure minimum competency and proficiency increases with experience. Additionally, many states require a Limited Radiographer to participate in continuing education.

  • Any additional resources needed?

    Yes, you will need the following textbook to accompany the course: Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice 6th Edition. Copy and paste the link below. https://amzn.to/3uEs3K1

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