About the BASIC Limited X-Ray Operator Course

This course provides a complete digital delivery of content necessary to do chest and distal extremities (hand through elbow and foot through knee). Important radiography principles and radiation safety are integrated throughout the course. A student is required to be in a facility that will provide supervision for the clinical portion of the course.

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Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, North Carolina,  Oklahoma, South Dakota, Washington.

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Sample Lecture: Chest Rotation

A common positioning mistake during a chest x-ray can result in an inadequate image. Learn why this matters.


I passed!

Deanna from Colorado

“I passed! I got a 94%. I owe it all to you guys! Your material was right on! Thank you so much!”

I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course!

Julia from Colorado

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought the course was very well organized with all the goals for each lesson explained clearly. I thought the material was right on for what I needed to know to pass the tests. You were very available for help and gave clear answers. I thought the labs and homework were invaluable for gaining skills. The videos of positioning really helped too. The Test Prep System for the exam was great. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone wanting to pass the Limited Scope exam!!! Thank you again for all your help. I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course! ”

100% first time pass rate

Tracy, LRT Program Director

“Our Medical Assisting Program celebrated a 100% first time pass rate using the Control the Dose Limited Radiography Course and Test Prep System in combination with onsite labs and offsite practicum rotations.”

I took my Limited Scope Exam and passed with a 92%

Nathan from Washington

“I wanted to give you an update on how I did after using your test prep system. I took my Limited Scope Exam and passed with a 92%. I definitely would encourage other students to use this system! I would encourage you to use this as a study guide and not just to remember the questions. Know the material, use this test prep system, and anyone will do great. Thanks again, Nathan, WA”

Such a great learning tool!

William from Illinois

“The Limited Radiography Course offered by Control the Dose is an excellent course of study for those wishing to become familiar with basic diagnostic x-ray procedures. I found that the course syllabus was well organized and contained very useful and informative exercises. The mix of practical exercises, textbook readings, and clinical assignments was well balanced and reinforced the objectives. The combination of syllabus, textbook, and AV content makes this course both challenging and enjoyable. It is one of the most professional, well organized, and informative courses available today. It enabled me to take and complete the ARRT Limited Radiographer certification examination and pass with a 95%. Many thanks to Control the Dose for offering such a great learning tool!”

BASIC Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Basic Welcome to the Course and Meet Your Instructors.

    • Introduction to the Basic Course

    • Section 1 Resource Material

    • State Regulation Documents & Course Tips

    • Introduction to Section 1

    • Producing a Radiographic Image

    • Section 1 Circle of Production Download

    • Review Quiz: Producing a Radiographic Image

    • Section 1 Language of the X-ray World Download

    • Introduction to the Equipment

    • The X-ray Suite

    • Review Quiz: Language and Equipment

    • Protection RULES

    • Clinical Facility Survey for Download

    • Clinical Assignment - Survey Your Facility

    • Patient Interaction and Management

    • Self Test Section 1 - Emphasis on Patient Interaction and Management

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Section 2

    • 2A The Tube - Producing X-Rays

    • Section 2 Resource Material

    • X-ray Tube Drill and Answers Download

    • Review Quiz: 2A The Tube - Producing X-Rays

    • 2B Controlling the Beam - Producing X-Rays

    • Review Quiz: 2B Controlling the Beam - Producing X-Rays

    • Radiographic Concepts and Qualities - Flash Cards and Definitions Download for Sections 2 and 5

    • 2C Concepts of Radiographic Quality

    • Review Quiz 1: Concepts of Radiographic Quality and Flash Cards/Definitions

    • Review Quiz 2: Contrast and Flash Cards/Definitions

    • Review Quiz 3: Exposure and Flash Cards/Definitions

    • Review Quiz 4: Detail and Flash Cards/Definitions

    • Review Quiz 5: Distortion and Flash Cards/Definitions

    • 2D Essentials of Technique Management

    • Review Quiz: Technique Management

    • Sample Chart and Technique Management Drills with Answers Download

    • Water Phantom Lab 1

    • Review Water Phantom Lab 1

    • Self Test 2

  3. 3
    • Introduction to Section 3

    • Section 3 Resource Material

    • Introduction to Procedures

    • Terms, Definitions, Worksheet and Answers - Download

    • Joint Motions

    • Review Quiz: Joint Motions

    • Parallel Vs Perpendicular

    • Review Quiz: Parallel Perpendicular

    • Angulation

    • Review Quiz: Angulation

    • Chest Radiography

    • PA Chest Demonstration

    • Review Quiz: Rolling Scapula

    • Lateral Chest Demonstration

    • Review Quiz: Chest Radiography Overview

    • Chest Radiography Errors - Common

    • Skeletal Positioning and Anatomy

    • Review Quiz: Skeletal Positioning and Anatomy

    • Hand Anatomy and Positioning

    • Review Quiz: Hand Anatomy and Positioning

    • Wrist and Forearm Anatomy and Positioning

    • Review Quiz: Wrist and Forearm Anatomy and Positioning

    • Elbow Anatomy and Positioning

    • Review Quiz: Elbow Anatomy and Positioning

    • Foot Anatomy

    • Review Quiz: Foot Anatomy

    • Foot Positioning

    • Review Quiz: Foot Positioning

    • Ankle Anatomy

    • Review Quiz: Ankle Anatomy

    • Ankle Positioning

    • Review Quiz: Ankle Positioning

    • Foot and Ankle Images

    • Lower Leg Images

    • Review Quiz: Lower Leg

    • Knee Anatomy and Positioning AP and LAT

    • Review Quiz: Knee Anatomy AP and LAT

    • Knee Oblique Positioning and Images

    • Review Quiz: Knee Oblique Positioning and Images

    • Performing Procedures - Download

    • Evaluating Images Download

    • Self Test 3

  4. 4
    • Introduction to Section 4A - Chest

    • Section 4 Resource Material

    • Introduction to Image Evaluation Criteria

    • Image Evaluation Criteria on Chests for Download

    • PA Chest Rotation

    • Evaluation PA Chest

    • PA Chest Not Centered

    • PA Chest Improper IR Placement

    • PA Chest Part-Ray-Receptor Misalignment

    • PA Chest Additional Critique

    • Evaluation Practice PA Chest Images(s) 1

    • Evaluation Practice PA Chest Image 2

    • Evaluation Practice PA Chest Image 3

    • Evaluation Practice PA Chest Image(s) 4

    • Lateral Chest Critique

    • Evaluation Lateral Chest

    • Lateral Chest Light vs Radiation Field

    • Evaluation Practice Lateral Chest Images 1

    • Evaluation Practice Lateral Chest Image 2

    • Comprehensive Review: Assessment of Anatomy and Positioning of the Chest

  5. 5
    • Introduction to Section 4B Distal Extremities

    • Section 4 Resource Material

    • Image Evaluation Guidelines Extremities

    • Image Evaluation Criteria on Extremities for Download

    • Section 4 Procedures (Dist. Ext.) Worksheets and Answers Download

    • Positioning Hand and Digits Demonstration

    • Evaluation Practice Distal Upper Extremity 1

    • Positioning Wrist Demonstration

    • Positioning Forearm Demonstration

    • Evaluation Practice Distal Upper Extremity 2

    • Positioning Elbow Demonstration

    • Evaluation Practice Distal Upper Extremity 3

    • Positioning Foot Demonstration

    • Evaluation Practice Distal Lower Extremity 1

    • Positioning Ankle Demonstration

    • Evaluation Practice Distal Lower Extremity 2

    • Positioning Lower Leg Demonstration

    • Evaluation Practice Distal Lower Extremity 3

    • Positioning Knee Demonstration

    • Evaluate Practice Knee

    • Comprehensive Review: Assessment of Anatomy and Positioning of Distal Extremities

  6. 6
    • Introduction to Section 5

    • Section 5 Resource Materials

    • Technique Management continued - mA, S and mAS

    • Review Quiz: mA, S, and mAS

    • Technique Managment - kVp

    • Review Quiz: kVp

    • Technique Management - SID

    • Technique Management - Intro To Accessories, Filters

    • Review Quiz: - Filters

    • Controlling Scatter with Collimation

    • Light to Radiation Field Test

    • Review Quiz: - Collimation and Scatter Control

    • Controlling Scatter with Grids

    • Review Quiz: Grids and Scatter Control

    • Computerized Radiography (CR) Imaging Plates

    • Review Quiz: CR Imaging Plates

    • Monitors and other Accessories

    • Accessories Drills with Answers

    • Review Quiz: Monitors and Accessories

    • Self Test 5

  7. 7
    • Introduction to Section 6

    • Digital 6A Foundational Terms and Concepts

    • Section 6 Resource Material

    • Digital Quiz A

    • Digital 6B Digital Terms and Concepts

    • Digital Quiz B

    • Digital 6C - The Digital Image

    • Digital Quiz C

    • Digital 6D Resolution and Range

    • Digital Quiz D

    • Digital 6E The Process

    • Digital Quiz E

    • Digital 6F Problems and Vendors

    • Digital Quiz F

    • Digital 6G Conclusions

    • Digital 6H PACS

    • Self Test 6

  8. 8
    • Introduction to Section 7

    • LAB 1 mAS Drills - NOTE Download below video

    • Section 7 Lab 2 Receptor Exposure and Contrast

    • LAB 3 Receptor Exposure SID and Other Variables

    • Water Phantom Lab 2

    • LAB 4 Detail and Distortion

    • LAB 5 Automatic Exposure Control

    • CTD Digital Imaging

    • Review Quiz: CTD Digital Imaging

  9. 9
    • Introduction to Section 8

    • Section 8 Resource Material

    • Physical Principles of X-ray Production

    • X-ray Facts Download

    • Section 8A X-ray Production Worksheet and Answers Download

    • The X-Ray Beam

    • Self Test 8A

    • Self Test 8B

  10. 10
    • Introduction to Section 9

    • X-rays & Matter

    • Section 9 Resource Material

    • Self Test 9A X-rays & Matter

    • Radiation Biology

    • Section 9 X-rays and Matter (A) and Biologic Effects (B) Worksheets and Answer

    • Self Test 19B Radiation Biology

  11. 11
    • Introduction to Section 10

    • More Science Practice Worksheet and Answers Download

    • Section 10 Resource Material

    • Reducing Radiation Risks

    • Self Test 10A - Reducing Radiation Risks

    • Regulations

    • Self Test 10B - Regulations

  12. 12
    • Introduction to Section 11

    • Core Exam

    • Chest and Ribs Exam

    • Extremities Exam

    • Outro


Senior Instructor

Connie Lyon

After 40 years working with fully accredited radiography programs, I created this course for students wanting to become certified to operate x-ray equipment. My experience ranges from consulting for radiation safety and quality management services, creating approved continuing education courses, and training resources for those operating x-ray equipment in a limited capacity.

Senior Instructor

Tracy Thelen

Tracy began as a Dental Assistant and then obtained an Applied Science degree in Radiography from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. She worked in diagnostic radiography and mammography in rural and metropolitan hospitals. She was part of the faculty in the Southeast Community College Radiography Program in Lincoln, NE, and then became Co-Chair and Program Director. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Instructional Technology and then a master’s degree in Leadership. She then transferred to the Medical Assisting Program at SCC to teach core content and Limited Radiography. She has been teaching for more than 20 years.