Online Limited Radiography Course

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Key Features:

Online Limited Radiology course certificate and test prep

  • Learn the Material Online

    Self paced, bring your own device! Students work through presentations, videos, downloadable items, quizes, and self-tests.

  • Get Instructor support

    Need help? If you get stuck, reach out to our instructors for help and support.

  • Practice for the Test

    Receive immediate progress and grades. When finished, we'll supply a Certificate of Completion.

COMPREHENSIVE Online Limited Radiography Course

with Radiation Safety

Study to become a Limited X-ray Operator. Our comprehensive online Course is bundled with our Test Prep system. It's designed to prepare you to become a Limited Radiographer and pass the exam required by your state to be licensed

BASIC Online Limited Radiography Course

with Radiation Safety

Our Basic Course is designed for states that do not require an exam to operate x-ray equipment. Providing knowledge and skills to do limited radiography, it is used by many facilities to prepare employees to do medical x-rays safely and provide a better experience for their patients.

Test Prep + Mock Exam

study to pass your state exam

Our Test Prep System provides study opportunities and practice tests. We offer the Test Prep System separate from our Course, but it is included with the purchase of the Course bundle.

Sample Lecture: Chest Rotation

A common positioning mistake during a chest x-ray can result in an inadequate image. Learn why this matters.


I passed!

Deanna from Colorado

“I passed! I got a 94%. I owe it all to you guys! Your material was right on! Thank you so much!”

I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course!

Julia from Colorado

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought the course was very well organized with all the goals for each lesson explained clearly. I thought the material was right on for what I needed to know to pass the tests. You were very available for help and gave clear answers. I thought the labs and homework were invaluable for gaining skills. The videos of positioning really helped too. The Test Prep System for the exam was great. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone wanting to pass the Limited Scope exam!!! Thank you again for all your help. I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course! ”

100% first time pass rate

Tracy, LRT Program Director

“Our Medical Assisting Program celebrated a 100% first time pass rate using the Control the Dose Limited Radiography Course and Test Prep System in combination with onsite labs and offsite practicum rotations.”

I took my Limited Scope Exam and passed with a 92%

Nathan from Washington

“I wanted to give you an update on how I did after using your test prep system. I took my Limited Scope Exam and passed with a 92%. I definitely would encourage other students to use this system! I would encourage you to use this as a study guide and not just to remember the questions. Know the material, use this test prep system, and anyone will do great. Thanks again, Nathan, WA”

Such a great learning tool!

William from Illinois

“The Limited Radiography Course offered by Control the Dose is an excellent course of study for those wishing to become familiar with basic diagnostic x-ray procedures. I found that the course syllabus was well organized and contained very useful and informative exercises. The mix of practical exercises, textbook readings, and clinical assignments was well balanced and reinforced the objectives. The combination of syllabus, textbook, and AV content makes this course both challenging and enjoyable. It is one of the most professional, well organized, and informative courses available today. It enabled me to take and complete the ARRT Limited Radiographer certification examination and pass with a 95%. Many thanks to Control the Dose for offering such a great learning tool!”

Success in multiple states!

Chris Nugent, MBA, CRA, RT(R)(CT) Director of Radiology, PM Pediatric Care

To date, in utilizing Control the Dose, members of our team in Illinois have passed the ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography Exam, successfully becoming certified as Limited License X-ray Techs. Given the success in Illinois, we have rolled this program out in Florida and plan to roll it out in additional states soon. If your company is turning toward limited x-ray licensure, Control the Dose is highly recommended as an educational program for your team!

Sample Lecture: Controlling Scatter

How collimation helps to control the dose of radiation.

Meet Your Instructors

We have tapped our 50+ years of experience to provide an online Limited Radiography Course and Test Prep with Mock Exam for those who need to pass a state test.

Senior Instructor

Connie Lyon

After 40 years working with fully accredited radiography programs, I created this course for students wanting to become certified to operate x-ray equipment. My experience ranges from consulting for radiation safety and quality management services, creating approved continuing education courses, and training resources for those operating x-ray equipment in a limited capacity.

Senior Instructor

Tracy Thelen

Tracy began as a Dental Assistant and then obtained an Applied Science degree in Radiography from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. She worked in diagnostic radiography and mammography in rural and metropolitan hospitals. She was part of the faculty in the Southeast Community College Radiography Program in Lincoln, NE, and then became Co-Chair and Program Director. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Instructional Technology and then a master’s degree in Leadership. She then transferred to the Medical Assisting Program at SCC to teach core content and Limited Radiography. She has been teaching for more than 20 years.

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